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Is there a better way to combine expert scientific opinions?

A team of Alaska researchers led by ISER’s Tobias Schwoerer has proposed a new methodology to elicit and quantify expert scientific opinion in uncertain environmental applications. The work, which was co-authored with Joseph Little (UAF)  and Gregory Hayward (Alaska Region, US Forest Service), appeared in an article in the Journal of Environmental Management under the title “Quantifying expert opinion with discrete choice models:  Invasive elodea’s influence on Alaska salmonids.”  The new methodology can be used to combine the expert perspectives of many scientists in a way that provides a quantitative measure of which aspects of the problem scientists agree upon and which aspects have less consensus. Read more about > Is there a better way to combine expert scientific opinions?

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New research finds that elodea, Alaska’s first aquatic invasive weed, will negatively affect the recreation experiences of Alaska’s floatplane pilots

The Institute of Social and Economic Research’s Dr. Tobias Schwoerer, Dr. Jennifer Schmidt, and Kyle Borash alongside the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Dr. Joseph Little, published a new article, “Hitchhikers on floats to Arctic freshwater: Private aviation and recreation loss from aquatic invasion”, in the latest issue of Ambio. […]

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Tobias Schwoerer featured by KTUU to discuss elodea and its potential impact on Alaska’s salmon industry

The Institute of Social and Economic Research’s Dr. Tobias Schwoerer, was featured by KTUU to discuss elodea and its potential impact on Alaska’s salmon industry, should the state be unsuccessful in eradicating the invasive aquatic plant. Elodea has previously been used as an aquarium plant and for lab kits in biology classes. The […]

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Toby Schwoerer presenting on Ocean Acidification

October 25, 2019 Update: Presentation is now available for download, link below.

Ocean acidification is expected to impact Alaska’s marine species and the $5.8 billion seafood industry. Higher acidity water affects the ability of shell-building organisms, like crabs, to develop and maintain their shells and may also affect the behavior of […]

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Schwoerer works on economic analysis of impact of studded tires on pavement in Alaska

New research from ISER’s Tobias Schwoerer, senior research professional, UAA’s Civil Engineering Department and the Alaska State Department of Transportation show that studded tire use in Alaska costs $13.7 million a year and reduces the asphalt surface life between 7 and 9 years, depending on traffic, location, […]

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