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Presentations to Alaska Legislature: Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on Alaska economy

Two UAA staff recently presented information to the Alaska Legislature about the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions on the Alaska economy.  Mouhcine Guettabi (ISER) and Nolan Klouda (UAA’s Business Enterprise Institute) made presentations to the House Labor and Commerce Committee on April 24, 2020.  Video and audio from that hearing can be found online. Read more about > Presentations to Alaska Legislature: Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on Alaska economy

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Social Distancing in Anchorage

The coronavirus crisis has dramatically affected economic and social behavior in Alaska. Getting immediate measures of the impact on economic activity is limited by the inherent lags built into the collection of data on economic variables such as employment and sales. Dr. Mouhcine Guettabi turned to some near-real-time electronic data to get a more immediate sense of how activity has been impacted. Read more about > Social Distancing in Anchorage

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COVID-19’s impact on the Alaska economy

Dr. Mouhcine Guettabi has completed an initial estimate of the possible impact of the COVID-19 business closures on the Alaska economy. To develop those estimates, he focused upon the impacts on the three most directly affected industries: leisure and hospitality, retail, and transportation. He estimated that the direct and indirect effects from reduced activity in those three sectors would be about 48,000 jobs and would reduce state GDP by almost $2 billion in the second quarter of 2020, If the closures are sustained, an additional $2 billion could be lost. Professor Guettabi's estimates may not capture the impacts of many smaller losses spread throughout the economy and do not include possible impacts on the economy from the recent collapse of oil prices. They also do not include the possible offsetting impact of federal COVID-19 aid to Alaska. Read more about > COVID-19’s impact on the Alaska economy

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Ask a UAA Expert: COVID-19

Faculty members Dr. Mouhcine Guettabi and Dr. Kevin Berry answer questions about the COVID-19 pandemic in the latest releases of Ask a UAA Expert. Dr. Guettabi answers questions related to the State economic consequences while Dr. Berry addresses pandemic economics. Check out the videos! Read more about > Ask a UAA Expert: COVID-19

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Alaska’s economy and budget

In 2019, the Alaska economy emerged from a 3-year recession after losing more than 11,000 jobs between 2015 and 2018. The recovery has, however, been modest as employment averaged 0.4% or 1,400 more jobs between January and November 2019 relative to the same period last year.  Oil & Gas and Construction have led this growth as they averaged 510 and 720 more jobs, respectively. It is also important to note that the recovery has been uneven. While we only have borough level data until the month of June, figure 1 shows that a considerable number of boroughs/census areas were still losing jobs as of June 2019. Read more about > Alaska’s economy and budget

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On the Alaska budget: A historical comparison

In this brief, we summarize the state’s unrestricted general fund revenues, agency operations spending, and capital budget spending between fiscal years 1975 and 2021. The severe decline in oil prices in 2015 resulted in a significant revenue decline which has then resulted in spending reductions at both the agency operation level and the capital budget. For fiscal year 2021, capital spending per person will be the third lowest since 1975 and Agency Operations will be the sixth lowest in real dollars. Read more about > On the Alaska budget: A historical comparison

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ISER presentations on economy in Fall 2019

Not surprisingly, Alaskans remain keenly interested in both the short-term and long-term prospects for the Alaska economy.  ISER continues to give requested presentations on the Alaska economy and the state budget to civic groups.  On October 18, Mouhcine Guettabi and Ralph Townsend participated in a panel entitled “Alaska’s Economy: Facts, […]

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A simple decomposition of Alaska’s Labor force

Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) Associate Professor of Economics, Dr. Mouhcine Guettabi, recently released his report, A simple decomposition of Alaska’s labor force participation rate, which details his research surrounding the steady decline in the percentage of people working or seeking employment over the past two decades […]

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Dr. Guettabi to Participate on Upcoming Alaska Common Ground Panel

Institute of Social and Economic Research Associate Professor of Economics, Dr. Mouhcine Guettabi, is to participate on an upcoming panel to follow up on the forum earlier this year, The Costs of Alaska’s Economic Roller Coaster, which examined and discussed the costs of a start-and-stop economy and […]

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