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Dr. Hirshberg presents at education conference in Finland and will co-edit a new book on circumpolar education

Dr. Diane Hirshberg traveled to Joensuu, Finland to meet with collaborators on a new project called Enhancing Equity and Inclusion in Education in Circumpolar North (EICN). Funded by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education (DASHE) in support of UArctic Networking Activities on Arctic Research and Education, the […]

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Analyzing Bike to Work Day

Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) Assistant Professor of Economics, Dr. Kevin Berry, recently published a report for Bike Anchorage and the Municipality of Anchorage estimating and evaluating the impact of organized promotional events on the number of individuals cycling to work in Anchorage, Alaska, specifically “Bike to Work […]

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Community resilience in the face of last-chance tourism in the Arctic

Tourism in Alaska is a growth industry, with much of the revenue generated below the Arctic Circle. But the Arctic’s unique natural environment and tourists’ desire to see the Arctic before it changes – sometimes called “last chance tourism” – is drawing more and more travelers above the Arctic Circle. […]

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Lunchtime talk: Making Resources Work for Arctic Communities: What we’ve learned from ReSDA

Chris Southcott, who has been involved in community-based research in the circumpolar north for more than 30 years, will share final results from his Resources and Sustainable Development (ReSDA) project, which looked at developing ways to ensure that a larger share of resource development benefits stay in the region, and […]

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Schmidt attends National Academies workshop in Washington, D.C.

ISER’s Jennifer Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Natural Resources Management, attended Understanding Northern Latitude Vegetation Greening and Browning, a National Academies workshop in Washington DC, as a guest speaker. The workshop’s focus was to assess current knowledge and upcoming research about patterns and shifts in tundra and boreal vegetation. The two-day workshop covered topics such as identifying patterns in Arctic tundra and boreal forests, developing tools and methods for evaluation, and determining implications from changes in Arctic vegetation. Schmidt’s presentation on socioeconomic implications of vegetation change is available for download. Read more about > Schmidt attends National Academies workshop in Washington, D.C.

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ISER Researchers Study the Economic Impacts of Climate Change

Matthew Berman and Jennifer Schmidt, faculty members at ISER, recently completed a study titled Economic Effects of Climate Change in Alaska. Findings from that research were also included in the Alaska chapter of the recently released report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).Read more about […]

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ISER’s Schmidt co-authors article in Sustainability journal

Jennifer I. Schmidt, ISER researcher and Assistant Professor of Natural Resources Management, is co-author of an article that explores the importance and development of relationships with local, often Indigeneous populations, to manage resources in remote Arctic locations. "The Role of Trust in Sustainable Management of Land, Fish, and Wildlife Populations in the Arctic" appears in the Sustainable and Rural Development section of the September issue of Sustainability, an international, cross-disciplinary journal. Read more about > ISER’s Schmidt co-authors article in Sustainability journal

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