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Analysis: Work in Progress

We have started a comparative analysis of Canadian, Greenland, Chuktoka and Alaska data, using the five international themes. Greenland and Canada are taking the lead on Themes 2. Chukotka (Health) and Canada (Regional Autonomy) are taking the lead on Theme 5. Alaska is taking the lead on Themes 1 and 3. Theme 4 (Education and missionaries) requires data not yet available from Greenland and/or Chukotka).

To keep the initial Alaska analysis separate from the comparative analyses, you will find a link to Comparative analyses associated with each theme. We have left the preliminary Alaska analyses "as is". We have also left "as is" an initial analysis of combined Alaska/Canada data.

Note: There are specific rules for disclosure for the Canadian APS data set. Unweighted cell sizes have to be at least 10. Percentages have to be calculated by generating weighted counts, exporting these counts to Excel, using a StatCan procedure for rounding the weighted counts, and then calculating rounded, weighted percentages in Excel. Download Theme3_SLICA_wtdrounded.xls to view an example of such a spreadsheet. The sheet containing unrounded, weighted counts has been deleted by StatCan.

Note: We also learned that asking for vetted output from Stat Can now may preclude us from asking for vetted output that differs marginally from that previously released (e.g. using a different grouping of the same variable). This is because the two results conceivably might be used to calculate smaller groupings that would be below the minimum cell size. To avoid this problem, we decided to record the strength of each observed relationship qualitatively - that is, "very strong", "strong", "significant but not strong", and "not significant". These research results appear as color-coded cells in Excel spreadsheets by theme.

SLICA Results for Review

bulletSee SLICA Results to Review to be discussed at June 5 Teleconference
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Please start by selecting an analysis theme or concept category:

Analysis Themes

bulletTheme One: The importance of social relationships and the standard of living to settlement patterns

Theme Two: The importance of a mixed cash- and harvest/ herding- based economy to living in the Arctic


Theme Three: Relationships between social problems and other dimensions of living conditions


Theme Four: The influence of educators and missionaries (Alaska partial analysis only)


Theme Five: The influence of policies on living conditions

Analysis Tools/Raw Output

bulletSPSS syntax for file creation
bulletFile dictionaries
bulletSPSS syntax for conceptual variables
bulletSampling Weights
bulletRaw Output

Note: the concept category descriptions do not include the variables required to match APS variable (i.e. where APS variables are not quite the same as SLICA variables). We tried to use the same naming conventions as for the original variables however. See the dictionaries for the complete set of variables. We will update the concept category descriptions as soon as possible.

bulletCommunity population size
bulletHousehold Characteristics
bulletIndividual Characteristics
bulletHousehold Production
bulletLiving Standard
bulletIndividual Resources
bulletSocial Relationships
bulletAvailability of goods locally
bulletTraditional Values
bulletSubjective Well-being


bulletStephanie's dissertation