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Well Being

Subjective Well-Being

People are best able to assess their own living conditions. We asked them to assess many different aspects of their personal living conditions:

COMSAT sum of "very satisfied" H13a - H13m, all community environment variables

STDLVING Index of satisfaction based on H13e, H13f, H13b

INFLUENC Index of satisfaction with influence based on h7,h9,h13a

INFLU2 Grouped values of INFLUENC (combining dissatisfied categories)

ENVIRON Index of satisfaction with local environment based on h13e, h13f, h13b

ECON Index of satisfaction with local economy based on H13j, h13k, h13l

CMTYSVCS Index of satisfaction with community services based on H13g, h13h, h13i

e9r,e23r,e24r,h13jr,h13kr,h13lr,c13r,h13dr,h13ir,h13hr,h13gr,h3r,h5r, h13cr,h7r,h9r,h13ar,h13er,h13fr,h13br,d35r,c4r,h13mr,h13nr

    Satisfaction variables with scale inverted so 5=very satisfied

H13nr2 3 category overall satisfaction variable (satisfied, neither, dissatisfied)

SATISFY sum of "very satisfied" of C4, C13, D35, E24, E23, H13e, H13f, H13m, H13n

SAT_ALL grouped values of SATISFY (low=0-3) (high = 4+)

H13n Life as a whole

H13m Quality of life in this community

EDUCSAT Western education received

C4 Combination of activities to make a living in last year

MIXSAT "very satisfied" with mix of activities to make a living

C13 Job worked the most hours on in last year

D35 Personal health

E9 Housing

E23 Household income

E24 Standard of living

Note: see discussion on traditional values with related satisfaction measures (G4a to G4t)

H3 Public safety

H5 Courts

H7 Influence of Native people on management of natural resources like fish and caribou

H9 Influence of Native people on management of natural resources like oil, gas, and minerals

H13a Influence of Native people on reducing environmental problems in area

H13b Health of environment in area

H13e Opportunities to hunt and fish

H13f Amount of fish and game available locally

H13c How well national government is dealing with needs in your community

H13d Job opportunities in your community

H13g Quality of education in your community

H13h Quality of health services in your community

H13i Recreational facilities in your community

H13j Cost of living in your community

H13k Availability of goods in local stores

H13l Transportation to and from your community