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Study Concepts

The concepts upon which SLICA is based have been described in the following two articles:

Anderson, Thomas, and Birger Poppel. 2002. Living Conditions in the Arctic. Social Indicators Research 58:191-216.

Usher, Peter J., Gérard Duhaime, and Edmund Searles. 2003. The Household as an Economic Unit in Arctic Aboriginal Communities, and its Measurement by Means of a Comprehensive Survey. Social Indicators Research 61: 175-202.

These articles are copyrighted so we cannot make them available on the web. If you cannot find them in your library, you can purchase them for $25US each from the publisher, Kluwer (see www.kluweronline.com ).

We have divided our introduction to study concepts in five sections:

bulletStudy rationale
bulletConcept of living conditions
bulletHousehold Production
bulletSocial Indicators
bulletSubject Well-being

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