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Moving (Mobility)

One of the main reasons for this study is to better understand people's decisions on where to live. Villages often don't have enough good job opportunities and incomes are often low as a result.

We asked the respondent is he or she had considered moving away from their community. We asked what reasons might cause them to move and what reasons might cause them to stay. Answers to these open-ended questions may provide good insights about decisions on where to live. Variables related to mobility include:

B10 Consider moving away from community in last five years

MVOTFAM 'consider moving out for family reasons'

MVOTED 'consider moving out for education reasons'

MVOTJOB 'consider moving out for job reasons' 

MVOTSUB 'consider moving out for subsistence reasons'

MVOTSML 'consider moving out because community too small or remote'.


MVINFAM 'consider staying for family reasons'

MVINED 'consider staying for education reasons'

MVINJOB 'consider staying for job reasons' 

MVINSUB 'consider staying for subsistence reasons'


MOVEJOB Respondent mentioned employment as a reason for moving back to their community (B7a - B7e).