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Living Standard

We are interested in measurement of living standards that include production from hunting and herding-related activities as well as jobs and other sources of income. We have discussed measures of production specific to harvesting and use of traditional foods and jobs in other concept categories. We are also interested in material measures of living standards. Subjective measures are discussed under the concept of well-being. 

MIX: Categorical summary of combination of household income and subsistence (1 'low hhinc and subsistence' 2 'low hhinc and high subsistence' 3 'high hhinc and low subsistence' 4 'high hhinc and high subsistence')

MIX2 Mixture of household harvest and household earnings 1 'below $30,000 - under half tradl food' 2 '$30000+ -under half tradl food' 3 'below $30,000 - half or more tradl food' 4 '$30000+ - half or more tradl food'

D4 Place to go to see a doctor or other medical professional in your community

E3 Number of rooms in house (note difference in calculation in Canada and US)

PERSQFTR Grouped values of PERSQFT, persons per square foot of living space.

HOUSEHAV Number of 20 features present in house.

HOUSHAVR Grouped values of HOUSEHAV.

HOUSPR Number of 12 housing problems experienced

E7 Is home in need of major repairs

HSCOSTR Grouped values of HSCOST - the percentage of total household income spent on housing.

E10 On waiting list for housing

E12 Fairness in treatment for housing