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Data Processing

The components of data processing include:

bulletCoding of open-ended responses (e.g. occupation, why moved);
bulletFinal edit of the interview for completeness;
bulletDevelopment of the computer analysis database (SPSS), including variable names, variable labels, value labels, and missing values;
bulletEntry of numeric codes into the computer analysis database (SPSS);
bulletEntry of verbatim responses into another computer database (Access);
bulletCreation of additional numeric codes based on sorting of verbatim responses;
bulletInitial frequency and cross- tabulations to check for wild codes (values not expected for a given variable) and inconsistent values on multiple variables;
bulletCreation of sample weights;
bulletCreation of analytic variables
bulletCreation of data data sets for archiving and further research

For an example of a SLiCA SPSS file (without data), right hand click and save International.sav


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