Selected Presentations

The 6 Year Fiscal Program Municipality of Anchorage: Comments Presented to the Anchorage Assembly worksession by Scott Goldsmith, April 23, 2010.

Universal Broadband: The Benefits of Connecting Alaska Presented to Commonwealth North by Heather Hudson, June 2010.

Alaska's Economic and Fiscal Structure Presented to the House Finance Committee by Scott Goldsmith, March 2010.

Alaska Isolated Wind-Diesel Systems Presented by Ginny Fay and Katherine Keith, April 2010. (Smaller file version with notes)

Toward Universal Broadband: Rural Broadband Policies and Strategies in Canada and the United States Presented by Heather E. Hudson, Director, ISER, February 2010

Direct Fuel Use in Rural Alaska, by Nick Szymoniak

Graduates of Alaska's Teacher Programs: Where Are They Now? by Lexi Hill

How Petroleum Has Transformed the Alaska Economy by Scott Goldsmith, July 2009.

What Drives the Alaska Economy?by Scott Goldsmith, February 2008.

State of the Data: Migration, Fuel Costs, Community Viability
A presentation by Steve Colt and Joan Kane

Presentation at Anchorage Senior Center for Older Alaskans Month

Graduating from College: Stories of Alaska Native Alumni of UAA a presentation by Diane Erickson and Diane Hirshberg, April 2007

Alaska Salmon Management: Economic, Social, Political Complexity
a presentation by Fran Ulmer, March 2007

Trends in World Salmon Markets
Presentation by Gunnar Knapp at the symposium on AYK salmon fisheries February 2007

National Parks Economics
Presented by Fran Ulmer on Friday January 26, 2007 at the Anchorage Parks Foundation

Economics Benefits of Greenbelts and Parks in Anchorage
Presented by Steve Colt on Friday January 26, 2007 at the Anchorage Parks Foundation




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