The Great Salmon Run

By Gunnar Knapp and Cathy Roheim and James Anderson of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources at the University of Rhode Island.

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Report Cover
Executive Summary

Ch 1. Introduction
Ch 2. North American Wild Salmon Resources
Ch 3. North American Wild Salmon Fisheries
Ch 4. The Role of Hatcheries in North American Wild Salmon

Ch 5. The World Salmon Farming Industry
Ch 6. Overview of World Salmon Markets

Ch 7. Products and Markets for North American Wild Salmon

Ch 8. Overview of U.S. Salmon Consumption
Ch 9. North American Salmon Trade
Ch 10. The U.S. Salmon Distribution System
Ch 11.
Overview of U.S. Salmon Consumers
Ch 12. Overview of North American Salmon Marketing
Ch 13. Effects of Farmed Salmon on Prices of Wild Salmon
Ch 14. Economic and Social Effects of Changes in Wild Salmon Markets
Ch 15. Overview of Salmon Trade Policy Issues
Ch 16. Analysis of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification of Alaska Salmon
Ch 17. Seafood Labeling Programs and Potential Implications for North American Salmon

Ch 18. The Future of Salmon Aquaculture in North America

Ch 19. Effects of Salmon Farming on North American Wild Salmon Resources
Ch 20. Outlook for the Future and Recommendations

Appendix A. Major Data Sources
Appendix B. Methodology for Analysis of Major World Salmon Markets
Appendix C. Methodology for Estimation of United States Salmon Consumption





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