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This site looks at many aspects of Alaska's state budget, and it's intended to help Alaskans understand the budget process. We at the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska Anchorage prepared this guide several years ago. We hope to update it in the future.
Where is the money being spent? Where does the money come from? Is the state spending more than its income?
What are the most common misconceptions about state finances?
Which sectors of the economy benefit from state spending? What is the total economic impact of state spending? How does the budget work? Why is it so complicated?
Has the budget been growing? Have jobs and payrolls been growing? Descriptions of some of the most important programs.
How does public spending in Alaska compare to other states? How has that comparison been changing over time? Why does Alaska spend more? Some examples of what others are saying.
What is the problem? Does it have a solution? What are some of the unrealistic solutions? Answers to some commonly asked questions about the budget.
How big are our financial assets? How are they managed? How can they be used? Track Alaska's Budget
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