Arctic Observing Network Social Indicators Project Observing Trends and Assessing Data for Arctic Tourism

The final dataset for this project contains approximately 290 variables. The majority (215) of these, however, are estimates of visitor industry related employment and wages in Alaska and Canada, including estimates for the Sitka, Nome, Northwest Arctic and North Slope Boroughs in Alaska and Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territory in Canada. See metadata variable list worksheet.

We selected 15 potential tourism indicators based on an assessment of the tourism measures available in countries across the arctic. Final collection of data resulted in there being no single indicator for which there was data across all jurisdictions. See Tourism Indicators worksheet.

The closest comparable indicator is visitor counts in Alaska and Canada compared to accommodation nights in Iceland, Greenland, Lapland, and Norway. These are not absolute comparable data but they can be used to compare trends in visitation. Using these measures indicates that all areas in the circumpolar north are experiencing a consistent increase in non-resident tourism visitation.

In addition to the lack of comparable indicator data are two other significant deficiencies:

These plus a lack of tourism data in general are all in need of additional research and cross jurisdictional cooperative efforts.

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