Arctic Mining Database

Data Description: 1980-2007 mining data for Arctic regions including Alaska, northern Canada (by territory), Greenland, northern Norway (by county plus Svalbard), and the northern county of Sweden and Finland. Variables include production by mineral, value, employment, claims, and exploration expenditures. The excel data files by country have additional variables, geographies, source data and supporting information not available in the SPSS and STATA files for the circum-Arctic. The final excel file contains an Index of Arctic Mining (by nation), calculated as the real value of mineral production at long-run average prices (in US dollars).

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SPSS (zip file) (by subnation)

STATA (zip file) (by subnation)

Data Documentation

Database Variable List (Excel file)

Database Development Syntax (pdf file)

Alaska mining data (Excel file)

Canadian Arctic mining data (Excel file)

Greenland mining data (Excel file)

Norwegian Arctic mining data (Excel file)

Swedish Arctic mining data (Excel file)

Finnish Arctic mining data (Excel file)

Arctic Mining Index data (by country) (Excel file)

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Sharman Haley

University of Alaska