Fishing Database

Currently there are two databases available: Alaska, and Norway. They are not yet integrated.

The AON Alaska fisheries data set consists of 729 place/year records from Alaska’s 29 census areas containing annual data from 1980-2006 on # of permit holders, # of permits fished, # of permits issued, total employment (excluding confidential data), total permits (excluding confidential data), total pounds landed (excluding confidential data) for crab, halibut, herring, sablefish, salmon, other finfish, other groundfish, other shellfish.  These data are derived from the Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission’s fisheries statistics databases:  The Alaska data format currently serves as a model from which we are working to organize datasets from other countries.

The AON Norway fisheries data set currently consists of 226 place/year records from Norway’s 19 counties containing annual data from 1993-2008 for 50 commercial species.  We are currently working to aggregate these species into fishery groups as was completed for the Alaska data which was complicated by different species within fishery groups and gear types. These data are derived from Statistics Norway Statistical Yearbooks for 1993-2008.  

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Data Documentation

Alaska Database Variable Dictionary (Excel file)

Norway Database Variable Dictionary (Excel file)

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