AON Subsistence Database

The AON Subsistence database consists of 631 place/year records from Alaska and Northern Canada containing annual subsistence harvest data by resource expressed in kilograms of edible harvest per capita. These data are derived from the following sources:

  1. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game Subsistence Division (contact: Dave Koster ( )
  2. Nunavut Wildlife Management Board (contact: Joe Justus [] )
  3. Inuvialuit Game Council (contact: Steve Baryluk [] )
  4. Nunavik, Makivik Corporation (contact: Stas Olpinski [] , using published data: James Bay and Northern Quebec Native Harvesting Research Committee (1979) Research to Establish Present Levels of Native Harvesting: Harvesting By The Inuit of Northern Quebec)

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Data Documentation

Database Variable List (Excel file)

Alaska and North American Database Development Syntax (pdf file)

Inuvialuit Database Development Syntax (pdf file)

Nunavut Database Development Syntax (pdf file)

For further information contact

Jack Kruse

University of Alaska