ISER researchers study a range of health-related issues, from costs of healthcare to ways of reducing suicide rates and measures of children’s well-being. They also evaluate health programs. Our capacity to study issues related to Alaskans’ health was expanded in 2015, when the Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services became a part of ISER.

Below you’ll find recently completed publications. Names of and contact information for ISER researchers who study various health-related issues are in the adjacent box.

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Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services (CBHRS)

Diane King, director, research associate professor, CBHRS:

Bridget Hanson, research associate professor, CBHRS:

Rosyland Frazier, senior researcher, ISER:

Jodi Barnett, project manager, CBHRS:

Mouhcine Guettabi, assistant professor of economics, ISER:

Katie Cueva, adjunct assistant professor of public policy and health, ISER:

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