ISER researchers have a long history of studying education issues in Alaska, and in 2009, to emphasize ISER’s commitment to education research, the Center for Alaska Education Policy Research (CAEPR) was established as part of ISER. Examples of education research at ISER include assessing turnover rates among teachers and readiness of high-school students to go on to college. Another focus at CAEPR is looking at education issues that Indigenous peoples face in Alaska and the broader Arctic. ISER researchers also evaluate Alaska education programs.

Below you’ll find a list of recently completed publications. Names of and contact information for ISER researchers who study various education issues are in the adjacent box.

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Center for Alaska Education Policy Research (CAEPR)

Dayna DeFeo, director, CAEPR:

Diane Hirshberg, professor of education policy, ISER and CAEPR:

Marie Lowe, associate professor of public policy, ISER:

Andrew Bibler, assistant professor of economics, ISER:

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