Communities in Alaska and around the Arctic—especially those where Alaska Natives and other indigenous peoples make up most of the population—face many forces of change, including the effects of climate change, pressures on subsistence resources and on mixed cash-subsistence economies, rising costs of living, and lack of jobs for young people—including in coastal communities, where opportunities in commercial fisheries have diminished. ISER researchers study issues affecting Arctic communities, often with national or international partners. Examples of that work include assessments of the resilience and adaptability of communities in the face of change.

Below you’ll find lists of recently completed publications. Names of and contact information for ISER researchers who study issues affecting Arctic communities are in the adjacent box.

Jennifer Schmidt, assistant professor of natural resource management and policy:

Matthew Berman, professor of economics:

Marie Lowe, associate professor of public policy, ISER:

Diane Hirshberg, professor of education policy, ISER and CAEPR:

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