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ID: 1710

How Has the 80th Percentile Rule Affected Alaska's Health-Care Expenditures?

Mouhcine Guettabi


55 pp.

Prepared for Alaska Office of Management and Budget

ID: 1700

Statute and implementation: How phantom policies affect tenure value and support

Dayna DeFeo, Diane Hirshberg, Matthew Berman



ID: 1668

How Is the State Dealing With the Shortfall in Pension Systems?

Cliff Groh


5 pp.

Research Summary No. 86

ID: 1669

History and Options Regarding the Unfunded Liabilities of Alaska’s Public Employees’ and Teachers’ Retirement Systems

Cliff Groh


69 pp.

This paper is one of a series of ISER working papers examining fiscal issues the state faces. The research was funded in part by a grant from Northrim Bank to the University of Alaska Foundation, to support research by ISER on Alaska economic and fiscal policy issues.