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ID 1769

Analysis of Bike to Work Day Cyclist Counts and Participant Survey

look up Kevin BerryKevin Berry


Report, 24pp.

Prepared for Bike Anchorage & Municipality of Anchorage

ID 1761

What do we know about the effects of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend?

look up Mouhcine GuettabiMouhcine Guettabi


Report, 16pp.

ID 1750

Planting the Seeds to Examine Food Security Challenges in the Alaska Food-Energy-Water Nexus

look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt


Presentation, 25pp.

Alaska Food Policy Council 2019 Festival and Conference

This work is supported by NSF Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (CBET), Track 3 INFEWS program, Award # 1740075, INFEWS/T3: Coupling infrastructure improvements to food-energy-water system dynamics in small cold region communities: MicroFEWs.

Presenters: Daisy Huang, Henry Huntington, Jennifer Schmidt, Richard Wies
Project Team: Srijan Aggarwal, Aaron Dotson, Craig Gerlach, Justus Karenzi, Henry Penn8, Christopher Pike, Daniel Sambor, Erin Whitney

ID 1742

Can my GPS lead me to a sustainable future? The role of technology and lessons from three remote Arctic communities

look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt, C. Monz, Vera Hausner


Presentation, 22pp.

ID 1741

Universal Cash and Crime

Brett Watson, look up Mouhcine GuettabiMouhcine Guettabi, look up Matthew ReimerMatthew Reimer


Article Or Book, 46pp.

Forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics

ID 1743

Fuel, Wood Use, and Subsistence

look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt


Presentation, 18pp.

Arctic Frontiers
Tromso, Norway

Authors: Jennifer Schmidt, Amanda Byrd, Todd Brinkman, Gwen Holdmann, Alana Vilagi, Baxter Bond

ID 1736

Local Knowledge and Science: Observation of Landscape Change in the Nuiqsut Homelands

look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt, Gary Kofinas


Report, 28pp.

ID 1729

Socio-economic effects of changing vegetation in Arctic Alaska

look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt


Presentation, 9pp.

Presented at the Understanding Northern Latitude Vegetation Greening and Browning, a National Academies workshop in Washington DC

ID 1728

Economic Effects of Climate Change in Alaska

look up Matthew BermanMatthew Berman, look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt


Report, 31pp.

The final version of this report is published in Weather, Climate, and Society, a publication of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), at the following location: The AMS does not guarantee that the copy provided here is an accurate copy of the final published work.

ID 1712

Perceptions of Universal Ballot Delivery Systems

Virgene Hanna, look up Jessica PassiniJessica Passini


Report, 44pp.