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ID 18

Marketing in the Economic Growth and Development of Alaska

Robert Haring


Report, 8pp.

ID 15

Wood Products Industry in Alaska

Leo Loll


Report, 8pp.

Alaska Review of Social and Economic Conditions Vol.1 No. 5

ID 14

Petroleum Industry in Alaska

Leo Loll


Report, 8pp.

Alaska Review of Social and Economic Conditions Vol.1, No. 4

ID 12

Alaska Native Arts and Crafts: Potential for Expansion

George Rogers


Report, 168pp.

Report to Bureau of Indian Affairs

ID 11

Relation of Alaska to World Mineral Resource Markets

George Rogers


Presentation, 18pp.

Presented at 1964 Conference of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers.

ID 17

Human Factors in Alaska's Development

George Rogers


Report, 16pp.

Proceedings of 14th Alaska Science Conference, pp. 87-104

ID 7

Alaska's Population & Economy: Regional Growth, Develpment and Future Outlook Vol. 1

George Rogers, Richard Cooley


Report, 224pp.

ID 8

Polar Basin-Geopolitics and Defense

George Rogers


Report, 8pp.

ID 4

Place of Recreation in Alaska Economy

George Rogers


Report, 15pp.

in Proceedings of 13th Alaska Science Conference, pp. 55-56