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ID 80

Review of an Aggregate Income Model of the Alaska Economy

George Rogers


Report, 4pp.

Inter Nord, pp. 136-138

ID 82

Alaska's Native Population as an Emerging Political Force

George Rogers


Article Or Book

Inter Nord, pp. 148-150

ID 93

North Pacific Fur Seal Industry Record of International Management

George Rogers


Report, 5pp.

Inter Nord, pp. 151-154

ID 84

Alaska's Petroleum Industry

Gregg Erickson


Report, 8pp.

(Alaska Review of Social and Economic Conditions Vol. 5, No. 1)

ID 308

Fairbanks Community Survey A Profile of Poverty

Frank Sessions


Report, 80pp.

For Fairbanks North Star Borough Community Action Agency

ID 55

Alaska Agricultural Study: Economic Evaluation of the Potential for Agricultural Development in Alaska

Robert Haring


Report, 100pp.

Prepared under Cooperative Agreement between University of Alaska Anchorage and Department of Agriculture

ID 70

Economic and Social Guidelines for Regional Medical Programs in Alaska

George Rogers


Report, 211pp.

ID 57

Industrial Electric Power Study, Phase I, Southeast Alaska

Hubert Gellert


Report, 15pp.

ID 54

Kodiak Economic Community

Susan Schwartz


Report, 8pp.

(Alaska Review of Social and Economic Conditions Vol. 4, No. 4)

ID 66

Alaska's Native Population and Employment Prospects

George Rogers


Article Or Book, 9pp.

Inter Nord, pp. 154-161