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ID 1676

Recruiting students into science: Evaluating the impact of North Dakota INBRE.

look up Bridget HansonBridget Hanson


Article Or Book, 6pp.

ID 1689

Changes in sexual activity following substance dependence treatment. Journal of Substance Use.

look up Bridget HansonBridget Hanson, Metzger, J. S.


Article Or Book, 8pp.

ID 1679

Prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Educational needs in academia

R. Boschma-Wynn, look up Alexandra EdwardsAlexandra Edwards


Article Or Book, 13pp.

ID 1685

The unique role of sleep quality in older adults' psychological well-being.

look up Bridget HansonBridget Hanson


Article Or Book, 21pp.

ID 999

ISER Review, 1997-2000

Linda Leask


Report, 12pp.

ID 797

An Assessment of the Needs of Alaska Residents Who Are Disabled

Virgene Hanna, Jack Kruse


Report, 200pp.

for Division of Vocational Rehabilitation The Alaska Department of Education