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ID 1784

Budget options: What are the short term effects? (AK Chamber Legislative Committee)

look up Mouhcine GuettabiMouhcine Guettabi


Presentation, 61pp.

Presentation to the Anchorage Chamber Legislative Committee. March 20th, 2019

ID 1750

Planting the Seeds to Examine Food Security Challenges in the Alaska Food-Energy-Water Nexus

look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt


Presentation, 25pp.

Alaska Food Policy Council 2019 Festival and Conference

This work is supported by NSF Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (CBET), Track 3 INFEWS program, Award # 1740075, INFEWS/T3: Coupling infrastructure improvements to food-energy-water system dynamics in small cold region communities: MicroFEWs.

Presenters: Daisy Huang, Henry Huntington, Jennifer Schmidt, Richard Wies
Project Team: Srijan Aggarwal, Aaron Dotson, Craig Gerlach, Justus Karenzi, Henry Penn8, Christopher Pike, Daniel Sambor, Erin Whitney

ID 1742

Can my GPS lead me to a sustainable future? The role of technology and lessons from three remote Arctic communities

look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt, C. Monz, Vera Hausner


Presentation, 22pp.

ID 1744

K-12 Funding

look up Ralph TownsendRalph Townsend


Presentation, 13pp.

Presentation made to Alaska Municipal League, Juneau, AK - Feb 21, 2019

ID 1745

Retention and Turnover of Teachers in Alaska: Why it Matters

look up Diane HirshbergDiane Hirshberg


Presentation, 20pp.

Presentation made to Alaska Municipal League, Juneau, AK - Feb 21, 2019

ID 1777

Defining the economic scope for ecosystem-based fishery management

Matthew Reimer


Article Or Book

Ecosystem-based fisheries management provides a framework for incorporating ecological linkages between fisheries into policymaking. However, relatively little attention has been given to economic linkages between fisheries: If fishers consider multiple fisheries when deciding where, when, and how much to fish, there is potential for management decisions in one fishery to generate spillover impacts in other fisheries. We evaluate changes in participation and economic connectivity of fisheries following the implementation of Alaska’s catch-share programs. Catch shares are increasingly used worldwide and typically implemented and evaluated on a single-fishery basis. We provide evidence that changes beyond the catch-share fishery have occurred, suggesting that spillovers should be considered when designing and evaluating catch-share policies.

ID 1748

A Pilot Evaluation of Culture Camps to Increase Alaska Native Youth Wellness

Jodi Barnett, Tara Schmidt


Article Or Book

ID 1738

2019 Alaska's Construction Spending Forecast

look up Scott GoldsmithScott Goldsmith


Report, 8pp.

ID 1741

Universal Cash and Crime

Brett Watson, look up Mouhcine GuettabiMouhcine Guettabi, Matthew Reimer


Article Or Book, 46pp.

Forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics