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ID 1566

Why Aren't They Teaching? A study of why some University of Alaska teacher education graduates aren't in classrooms

look up Alexandra HillAlexandra Hill, look up Diane HirshbergDiane Hirshberg, Donna Gail Shaw


Report, 12pp.

A CAEPR Publication

ID 1564

Alternative Certification: A Research Brief

look up Diane HirshbergDiane Hirshberg


Report, 4pp.

A CAEPR Publication

ID 1307

Kids Count Alaska: A Program Overview (Presentation)

Virgene Hanna


Presentation, 27pp.

ISER's Lunchtime (Brownbag) Series presented on February 23, 2011

ID 1323

Kids Count Alaska 2009-2010

Virgene Hanna, Irma Schreiner, Patricia DeRoche, Irina Ikatova, Erin Trimble


Report, 60pp.

ID 854

Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska

Michael Krauss, Gary Holton, Jim Kerr, Colin West



Alaska Native Language Center (ANLC), UAF, and Institute of Social and Economic Research, UAA

ID 950

Alignment of Alaska's Educational Programs from Pre-School through Graduate Study: A First Look

G. Williamson McDiarmid, look up Alexandra HillAlexandra Hill


Report, 20pp.

ID 1268

New Students in the Anchorage School District: Where Are They From? Analysis of ISER 2008-2009 Survey Data

look up Marie LoweMarie Lowe, Patricia DeRoche, Suzanne Sharp, Meghan Wilson


Report, 44pp.

ID 1244

Webnote 5. The Changing Economic Status of Alaska Natives, 1970 - 2007

Stephanie Martin, look up Alexandra HillAlexandra Hill


Report, 5pp.

ID 1300

Kids Count Alaska 2008

Virgene Hanna, Linda Leask, Claudia Lampman, Irma Schreiner, Patricia DeRoche