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ID 898

Economic Impacts of the 1996 Arctic Winter Games

Pershing Hill


Report, 17pp.

Prepared for AWG International Committee

ID 831

Alaska Native Education: Issues in the 1990s

Judith Kleinfeld


Report, 30pp.

Prepared for Chugach Electric Association, Matanuska Electric Association, Homer Electric Association, Anchorage Municipal Light and Power

ID 747

Higher Education Among Alaska Natives (Research Summary No. 39)

Judith Kleinfeld


Report, 2pp.

ID 728

Development of the Northern Political Economy: Notes on Economic Organization in Arctic and Subarctic Regions

look up Matthew BermanMatthew Berman


Report, 35pp.

paper presented at Western Regional Science Association Annual Meeting

ID 591

Patterns of Control in Rural Alaska Education

Judith Kleinfeld, Gerald McBeath, G. Williamson McDiarmid, Dean Coon, Carl Shepro


Report, 199pp.

ID 598

Community and Competence: Study of an Indigenous Primary Prevention Organization in an Alaskan Village

G. Williamson McDiarmid



in White Cloud Journal, pp. 53-74

ID 536

Educational Endowment Fund: Economic and Policy Analysis

Gordon Harrison


Report, 96pp.