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ID 146

Forest Products Use in Alaska Arctic Petroleum Development

Robert Snyder


Report, 12pp.

(Alaska Review of Social and Economic Conditions Vol. 7, No. 2)

ID 134

Cognitive Strengths of Eskimos and Implications for Education (Occasional Paper No. 3)

Judith Kleinfeld


Report, 28pp.

Occasional Paper No.1

ID 114

Education and the Borough

Thomas Morehouse


Report, 12pp.

ID 45

International Implications of Arctic Exploitation

George Rogers



Arctic Frontier (R. Macdonald, Ed.), pp. 293-311

ID 1789

Hitchhikers on floats to Arctic freshwater: Private aviation and recreation loss from aquatic invasion

look up Tobias SchwoererTobias Schwoerer, Joseph Little, look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt, Kyle Borash


Article Or Book, 13pp.

ID 1326

Digital Diversity: Broadband and Indigenous Populations in Alaska

Heather Hudson


Presentation, 13pp.

Presented at the Experts Workshop.
Sponsored by The Ford Foundation.

ID 1440

Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Commercial Salmon Fisheries: Challenges and Opportunities

look up Gunnar KnappGunnar Knapp


Article Or Book

in Charles C. Krueger and Christian E. Zimmerman, eds., Pacific Salmon: Ecology and Management of Western Alaska's Populations. American Fisheries Society, 2009.

ID 1224

Connecting a Disjointed System: A First Look at Aligning Education in Alaska

G. Williamson McDiarmid, look up Alexandra HillAlexandra Hill


Report, 4pp.