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ID 1705

Education and Human Capital

look up Diane HirshbergDiane Hirshberg


Article Or Book

ID 32

Alaska and the Arctic, the Changing West: Implications for Higher Education

George Rogers


Article Or Book, 8pp.

Papers, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Symposium, pp. 5-11

ID 1798

Long-term benefits to Indigenous communities of extractive industry partnerships: Evaluating the Red Dog Mine

look up Matthew BermanMatthew Berman, look up Bob LoefflerBob Loeffler, look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt


Article Or Book, 9pp.

The study was published online in Resource Policy and will appear in the print edition in June 2020.

ID 1227

It was bad or it was good: Alaska Natives in Past Boarding Schools

look up Diane HirshbergDiane Hirshberg


Article Or Book, 25pp.

Appears in the Journal of American Indian Education, Arizona State University, Tempe Vol. 47, Number 3, 2008, pgs 5-30
We are unable to distribute a published journal article. This article is however, based on an ISER publication which you will find linked below.

ID 1536

Alaska Native-Focused Teacher Preparation Programs (CAEPR Research Summary)

look up Alexandra HillAlexandra Hill, look up Diane HirshbergDiane Hirshberg, Audrey Leary, Bernice Tetpon


Report, 4pp.

ID 1150

Survey of Living Conditions In The Arctic: What Did We Learn?

Jack Kruse, Birger Poppel, Larissa Abrytina, Gerard Duhaime, Stephanie Martin, Mariekatherine Poppel, Margaret Kruse, Ed Ward, Patricia Cochrane, Virgene Hanna


Article Or Book, 4pp.

A research summary
Also printed in Valerie Moller, Denis Huschka and Alex Michalos (eds). Barometers of Quality of Life Around the Globe: How Are We Doing? New York: Springer Verlag, 107-134.

ID 854

Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska

Michael Krauss, Gary Holton, Jim Kerr, Colin West



Alaska Native Language Center (ANLC), UAF, and Institute of Social and Economic Research, UAA

ID 1189

Recent Graduates of Mt. Edgecumbe: Why Did They Attend and How Has It Affected Their Lives?

look up Diane HirshbergDiane Hirshberg, Brit Delmoral


Presentation, 43pp.