ISER Publication - Waiting and help-seeking in the math lab

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Drop-in peer tutoring is the most popular model on college campuses, but a high student-tutor ratio suggests that students will spend the majority of their lab time working without the aid of a tutor. This study observed students in a drop-in tutoring center serving developmental math students and explored what they do in that independent time. The ethnographic research method identified five distinct student types, distinguishable by their behaviors, help-seeking strategies, and participation in tutoring exchanges. The analysis reviews both the form and function of these distinct typographies, considers students' needs for learning and student services, and makes recommendations for tutors and managers.

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DeFeo, D. J., Bonin, D. & Ossiander-Gobeille, M. (2017). Waiting and help-seeking in the math lab. Journal of Developmental Education 40(3), 14-22.