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ID: 1762

MicroFEWs: A Food–Energy–Water Systems Approach to Renewable Energy Decisions in Islanded Microgrid Communities in Rural Alaska

Erin Whitney, D. Huang, Henry Huntington, Jennifer Schmidt


Article Or Book, 7pp.

ID: 1754

Dual Enrollment in Alaska: A 10-year retrospective and outcome analysis

Dayna DeFeo, Trang Tran


Report, 9pp.

ID: 1761

What do we know about the effects of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend?

Mouhcine Guettabi


Report, 16pp.

ID: 1753

Nature-based tourism, resource dependence, and resilience of Arctic communities: framing complex issues in a changing environment

Jennifer Schmidt


Article Or Book

Article in Journal of Sustainable Tourism: 1-18

ID: 1752

Alaska's Fiscal & Economic Outlook

Mouhcine Guettabi


Presentation, 35pp.

ID: 1751

What drives the cost of education in Alaska?

Dayna DeFeo


Presentation, 30pp.

Presentation to Alaska House Education Committee

ID: 1759

Universal Cash Transfers Reduce Childhood Obesity Rates

Brett Watson, Mouhcine Guettabi, Matthew Reimer


Report, 41pp.

ID: 1749

Recruiting, hiring, and training Alaska’s rural teachers: How superintendents practice place-conscious leadership

Dayna DeFeo, Trang Tran


Article Or Book, 17pp.

Article in Journal of Research in Rural Education, 2019, 35(2)

ID: 1750

Planting the Seeds to Examine Food Security Challenges in the Alaska Food-Energy-Water Nexus

Jennifer Schmidt


Presentation, 25pp.

Alaska Food Policy Council 2019 Festival and Conference

This work is supported by NSF Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (CBET), Track 3 INFEWS program, Award # 1740075, INFEWS/T3: Coupling infrastructure improvements to food-energy-water system dynamics in small cold region communities: MicroFEWs.

Presenters: Daisy Huang, Henry Huntington, Jennifer Schmidt, Richard Wies
Project Team: Srijan Aggarwal, Aaron Dotson, Craig Gerlach, Justus Karenzi, Henry Penn8, Christopher Pike, Daniel Sambor, Erin Whitney

ID: 1746

Budget options: What are the short term effects?

Mouhcine Guettabi


Presentation, 36pp.