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ID 1765

Alaska High School Graduation Rate Trends

look up Trang TranTrang Tran, look up Alexandra HillAlexandra Hill


Report, 4pp.

ID 1763

What are the economic impacts of the vetoes?

look up Mouhcine GuettabiMouhcine Guettabi


Presentation, 15pp.

ID 1764

Economic Impacts of the Vetoes on the Alaska Economy

look up Mouhcine GuettabiMouhcine Guettabi, Nolan Klouda


Report, 10pp.

ID 1762

MicroFEWs: A Food–Energy–Water Systems Approach to Renewable Energy Decisions in Islanded Microgrid Communities in Rural Alaska

Erin Whitney, D. Huang, Henry Huntington, look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt


Article Or Book, 7pp.

ID 1756

Aquatic Invasive Species Change Ecosystem Services from the World’s Largest Wild Sockeye Salmon Fisheries in Alaska

look up Tobias SchwoererTobias Schwoerer, Joseph Little, Milo Adkison


Article Or Book

Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics

ID 1754

Dual Enrollment in Alaska: A 10-year retrospective and outcome analysis

look up Dayna DeFeoDayna DeFeo, look up Trang TranTrang Tran


Report, 9pp.

ID 1761

What do we know about the effects of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend?

look up Mouhcine GuettabiMouhcine Guettabi


Report, 16pp.

ID 1753

Nature-based tourism, resource dependence, and resilience of Arctic communities: framing complex issues in a changing environment

look up Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt


Article Or Book

Article in Journal of Sustainable Tourism: 1-18

ID 1752

Alaska's Fiscal & Economic Outlook

look up Mouhcine GuettabiMouhcine Guettabi


Presentation, 35pp.

ID 1751

What drives the cost of education in Alaska?

look up Dayna DeFeoDayna DeFeo


Presentation, 30pp.

Presentation to Alaska House Education Committee