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Dear friends and colleagues,

We are adding a new feature called “Hot Topics,” to the ISER website to help our audience find research relevant to current policy issues more easily.

An important part of ISER’s mission is to conduct research that will improve understanding of important policy options facing Alaska. Researchers who want to better understand complex social systems break the big questions into pieces that can be analyzed with available data and tools. Our publications database is open to all, but help locating relevant research may be useful to some readers.

To make our work accessible to wide audiences we often create summaries of our work and post those on our website along with the full article. We also post copies of PowerPoint presentations for government and civic groups. Now we are adding “Hot Topics,” where you can find a collection of relevant ISER summaries, articles, and presentations on current policy issues. Watch for new “Hot Topics” throughout the year.

Natural Resources – 2020

Published March 2020

Alaska’s rich environment is an invaluable resource. Large expanses of the state remain untouched and nature is woven into our daily lives. Nature-based industries such as tourism, petroleum and fishing fuel our state’s economy. Understanding how to sustain these environmental resources is central to the health of Alaska and its people.

The Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) is committed to conducting and disseminating research relevant to current events within Alaska. We hope that our research will inform planning and decisions to help Alaskans to continue to realize economic and recreational benefits from its amazing environmental resources. As the range of issues covered in this edition of “Hot Topics” demonstrates, ISER’s research extends broadly over important environmental topics.

Education – 2019

Published September 2019

As part of our commitment to provide relevant research on topics of immediate concern, we look at some of the education issues we’ve been studying, including the cost and rate of teacher turnover, high school graduate rate trends, and issues around the historical marginalization of Alaska Native students and creating culturally relevant practice.

Economy – 2019

Published April 2019, Last updated July 2019

The first entries summarize and connect readers with recent ISER work in two areas: the impact of state budget changes on the Alaska economy and how the PFD affects Alaska’s economy and its social institutions.

Feel free to contact our researchers with your questions. As always, ISER is here to provide relevant research to support the best policy decision making.

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