What it is

CAEPR studies college and career readiness in youth and adults as preparation, self-exploration, and goal-setting. Topics include:

  • Academic preparation, including curriculum, academic interventions, and enrichment activities
  • Student services and community programs
  • Development of vocational identity, aspirations, and expectations
  • Goal-setting and plans, including financial planning for postsecondary education
  • Career and technical education programs and programs of study
  • Mindsets, cognitive strategies, and attributes that support transitions, resilience, and success

Lead researcher

Photo of Dayna DeFeo
Dayna DeFeo Director of CAEPR, Research Assistant Professor of Education Policy
Work Phone: 907-786-5494

Current projects

  • Evaluation of the Compete to Complete Title III grant – Evaluating grant activities designed to promote student success, grow campus-community outreach networks, and promote an institutional culture of support for students on the UAS-Sitka campus (US Department of Education Title III)
  • State of the State – exploring how dual credit participation and different financial aid programs (including the Alaska Performance Scholarship) affect student attendance, retention, and performance at the University of Alaska
  • Central Yu’Pik College & Career Readiness Project Evaluation – evaluating how community engagement, student supports, teacher mentoring, and improved postsecondary admissions processes improve secondary success and postsecondary attainment for students in the Lower Yukon and Kuspuk school districts (US Department of Education Alaska Native Education Program)
  • Breaking down Alaska’s high school graduation rates – a project to explore how graduation rates have changed longitudinally, and how policy changes affect graduation rates for students in different demographic groups
  • Biology labs and student performance – a joint project with the UAA Biological Sciences Department to determine how paired laboratory classes affect student grades in non-majors freshman biology

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