Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) Assistant Professor of Economics, Dr. Kevin Berry, recently published a report for Bike Anchorage and the Municipality of Anchorage estimating and evaluating the impact of organized promotional events on the number of individuals cycling to work in Anchorage, Alaska, specifically “Bike to Work Day” (BTWD).

BTWD is an annual Bike Anchorage event which aims to encourage and promote cycling to work. Participants have the options to ride individually or organize workplace teams, and can expect hosted treat stations and activities along their commute. Local businesses donate time and materials to promote bike commuting, as well. The Municipality of Anchorage administers a survey which is promoted alongside BTWD to gather feedback on “cyclist preferences for infrastructure and habits that make it possible to estimate the economic value that they place on these improvements.”

Dr. Berry’s study uses both the survey and cyclist counts in order to gain a better understanding and assess the value of the local bike system to bike commuters, and evaluates such factors as route preferences, age distribution of participants, and experience levels. Learn more about Dr. Berry’s research and results in his report, Analysis of Bike to Work Day Cyclist Counts and Participant Survey.