many fishing boats in Bristol Bay using lines to catch fish

Bristol Bay line fishing
Photograph by Bart Eaton

ISER’s former director, Gunnar Knapp, Professor Emeritus of Economics, gave a presentation on “Long-Term Trends in the Pacific Salmon Industry” at the Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society in Reno, Nevada on October 1st, 2019.  Knapp was an invited speaker at a symposium on “The Science of Pacific Salmon Conservation: Foundations, Myths, and Emerging Insights.”  Submitting the presentation for posting on the ISER website, Knapp said “as an Emeritus Professor, I continue my long-time interest in and research about the Alaska salmon industry.  This presentation was an opportunity to show some of the dramatic changes that have occurred in Alaska’s salmon industry over its storied 130-year history, as well as the value of the industry supported by Alaska’s successful salmon management.”  Download Knapp’s presentation on “Long-Term Trends in the Pacific Salmon Industry,” now available in our publications database.