ISER’s Center for Alaska Education Policy Research (CAEPR) Director Dayna DeFeo presented to a national audience of teacher educators, higher education administrators, and policymakers on innovative ways that Network for Excellence in Teaching (NExT) survey data may be used to inform policy, practice, and cross-institutional collaboration.

From left to right: Dayna DeFeo, Keri Ferro, Sarah Anderson, Stacy Duffield

For the past three years, CAEPR has worked with the University of Alaska schools and college of education to manage longitudinal statewide surveys of education program students as they progress through their programs and into the K12 workforce.  These data, along with employer feedback surveys, comprise NExT survey data in Alaska and provide a comprehensive overview of program strengths and opportunities.

CAEPR Director DeFeo’s presentation at the recent meeting of the  American Association of Colleges for Teachers in Louisville, KY, explored ways that information routinely collected may be used to inform teacher supply and demand policy work in Alaska.

DeFeo’s co-presenters, Sarah Anderson, Mayville State University; Stacy Duffield, North Dakota State University; and Keri Ferro, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission discussed innovative ways NExT data is being used at their institutions.